If you look through publication dates on this blog, you miiight notice that new entries are rather few-and-far-between. That’s about to change.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be posting a lot more updates about my day-to-day and week-to-week activities, what I’m working on, lessons I’ve learned, things I’m thinking about, ideas I want to share, etc. I’ll probably update a couple of times a week at most, and there still might be a few weeks at a time where I don’t post, but I’ll be trying to do at least a slightly better job at posting interesting content on a regular basis in a place that’s not some overcrowded social media website (or a social media website that no one uses).


I’m also putting together a weekly newsletter. In it, I’ll share links to recent blog posts and news, recent music I’ve put out, some recent articles, music, and games I liked, and maybe even (god forbid) some ~*exclusive content*~.

Like I mentioned above, part of this is an attempt on my part to move beyond a meager Facebook and Twitter presence. It’s incredibly easy to get lost in a sea of status updates and tweets, especially with Facebook’s weird algorithms and my own tweets that tend to be less-than-focused-in-any-way. And with a newsletter, it will be nice to know that people are receiving it that, presumably, actually want to hear from me!

The newsletter isn’t ready yet and may not be for a little while longer, but rest assured that I’ll be posting here and on my various presences around the web when it is.

This Blog’s Intended Audience

I’ve been thinking a lot about my intended audience for my blog lately, and it’s still rather nebulous in my head, but I think I’ve at least narrowed it down from “whoever happens upon it.” Obviously I still will be quite happy if friends and/or family want to read it, but from here on out I’ll be aiming it primarily at:

  • composers, especially game and film composers
  • game developers and filmmakers wanting to see the musical side of things
  • classical musicians with at least a mild interest in video games and their musics

A lot of people have said things along the lines of “If you try to please everybody, you’ll please nobody,” and this is something that’s been on my mind lately. Obviously though, if you don’t fall into one of these camps but are interested in what I write anyways, then I’m more than happy to know that I’m reaching more people than I even intended!

Website Re-Design

This website was my first foray into building and coding everything myself (with more than a little help from Bootstrap, Jekyll, GitHub Pages, and the fabulous Ian McCunn). As such, it’s not… the prettiest thing, thanks entirely to my lack of training or even eye for design (though I’ve been told by professional designer friends that having “an eye for design” is not actually a thing and people are kidding themselves, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

So in the coming months, I’ll be simplifying and reworking various parts of the website. Hopefully at the end of it all, it’ll be a bit nicer and easier for everyone to find what they need to, be they a classical musician looking for my music, a filmmaker looking at my portfolio, or a game developer reading my blog.

Oh, Also, Thank You

If you’re reading this, thank you so much for taking an interest in what I do and/or have to say. There’s a lot of people out there saying a lot of things, and it’s always encouraging when people take an interest in the things I’m saying amongst the sea of noise. As a token of my gratitude, here’s a video of foxes playing with a dog toy.

…And there’s plenty more where that came from.