A few weeks ago I posted an overview of my morning routine hoping that, like, one person would be interested. More than one person was interested, which was awesome! So because of that, I feel justified enough to also post a blog about my evening routine.

It’s worth mentioning that my evening routine definitely isn’t as solid as my morning routine. Because I like to get up absurdly early (I’ve been getting up at 4:30am the past couple of weeks), I have to go to sleep absurdly early (about 9pm; trying to be in bed no later than 8:30pm ideally). Obviously this isn’t really sustainable with trying to also go to concerts occasionally, which can throw things off. But still, this is what my ideal evening looks like when I want to set up for my ideal morning.

Clean Up

A clean room makes for a clean head. Putting away stuff that was left out, closing applications, clearing away messes… it all makes getting started in the morning that much easier, and allows my brain to start unwinding.

Empty Inboxes

This is the last time I check my email. I record any tasks I need to keep track of from email, and then empty my task manager inbox in Omnifocus, giving every task a project and context.

Really this is part of cleaning up, but it deserves a separate step since it’s so important, I think.


At this point, I’ll take a quick look at my goals for the year, month, week, and the day, taking a look at my progress. If I totally forgot to take any action on one of my goals, I’ll make sure to address that somehow the following day. This will allow me to better move on to the next step…

Set Tomorrow’s Tasks and Goals

Knowing what I’m doing the next day really helps me sleep better, and helps me get up and get going with a sense of purpose, as well as keeping me accountable on moving towards my goals.


Lately this has been mostly a free-form writing on the events of the day and my feelings on them. Sometimes I’ll ask myself more specific questions for awhile, like how often I had negative, self-defeating thoughts, how mindful I was, the biggest win of the day… stuff like that.

Turn the Damn Computer Off

At this point I could easily get sucked into Facebook or something (NOT THAT I OFTEN DO, OR ANYTHING), so I try to just turn the computer off as fast as I can before oh god it has me I–


This is mostly there so I feel guilty when I don’t. Which is often. 😐

Brush Teeth

Same here. Except I’ve gotten pretty good at brushing my teeth every night, dammit!


My reward for doing all that stuff is I get to read a piece of fiction! Non-fiction is too hard to keep straight when I’m sleepy at the end of the day. Fiction helps me unwind. Right now I’m reading Armada by Ernest Cline. It’s silly as hell, but not terrible.

And then I sleep! Hopefully enough.

Do you have routines in the morning and/or evening? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!