About Jon


Dynamic music composition and sound design

…for games, video, the concert hall, and other media or projects

Music and sound can enhance the story you’re dying to tell. That’s what I’m here for!

Music arranging, consultation, and production

…for your band, score, or any other music for which you need outside expertise

Need some string and horn arrangements for your band? Need an extra hand for orchestration, engraving, or copy-work on your parts? Just need someone with formal musical training to round out your project? Get in touch!

Lessons, coaching, classes, and workshops

…music theory, composition, digital audio, and more

Classical, electronic, folk, rock, pop, somewhere in between… I’m eclectic & versatile, and can help you be, too!


Jon provided an amazing score for “Valley of the Sasquatch”. He was eager to collaborate and very communicative throughout the scoring process. He gave our indie horror film a big epic score with a theme that will stick in your head for weeks.

John Portanova, Writer/Director Valley of the Sasquatch

…the score by Jon Bash helps establish the tone for the film, adding a sense of adventure and scale to the creature feature structure [of Valley of the Sasquatch]…

Ken W. Hanley, Fangoria

I met Jon at the 2014 Global Game Jam, where he was offering his services as a composer and sound designer. I’ve worked with Jon on a few game projects since then, and wish to continue to do so for several reasons:

For one, Jon has ALWAYS met his commitments to our projects. He communicates his status and any difficulties with a frequency that puts the team at ease. This is an understated quality in collaborators, which is why I feel it needs to be stated above all other testimony. This man gets stuff done.

For two, Jon is extremely receptive to criticism and effectively incorporates any suggestions into his work. I am not the easiest director to work with in this sense – I have demanded very technically precise pieces that have required multiple iterations of feedback in a short timeframe. Jon has risen to those occasions and produced to my requirements without complaint.

For three, Jon is good at, uh, making music. Best for last, am I right? I still loop the soundtracks for the games we’ve worked on because… well, just listen to his SoundCloud. You’ll hear what I’m talking about.

Piers Excell-Rehm, game developer, creator of Freefall, Forerunner, Pandamensional

I had the utmost pleasure of partnering up with Jon for a recent game jam. He handled the overall sound design, including composing the main theme + alternative mood variations and all sound effects.

Jams are a uniquely challenging environment to work in and teaming up with strangers can often lead to difficult situations, fortunately Jon was more than able to work with the restrictions and achieved fantastic results based on very little input – I was particularly impressed by his ability to understand and produce the perfect atmosphere based on an admittedly stark game design.

Overall working with Jon was easy and the results were beyond expectations, I wouldn’t hesitate giving him full creative control over sound design on future projects and I feel his work was of vital importance to helping our game place first in the ratings.

Tim Cooper, Game Jamineer, creator of Submersive Intent

Jon delivers great work, no matter the amount of direction. Jon’s compositions bring a great emotional element and depth of character to films in a subtle, yet appropriately noticeable way. His mastery of music and attention-to-detail are the tasty cake frosting every good film needs.

Robert Speewack Bojorquez, Production Manager, Cinesaurus, director of Gothingham

Jon Bash is the rare musical architect who can balance his cerebral inclinations with his sense for the intangible. His consistent ability to develop and deliver unique, bold, and dynamic compositions makes him an ideal working partner.

John von Volkli, former bandmate/songwriting partner in VR Trainers

About Jon

Since beginning my career, I’ve been composing, arranging, and performing an eclectic variety of polystylistic music. I have written music for games, dance repertoire, short & feature-length films, and for performers and ensembles such as the WWU Wind Symphony, the Equus Sax Quartet, the Bellingham Chamber Music Society, flautist Rachel Hacker, and percussionist Doug Perry. My music has been featured in films played at festivals across the US, most prominently in the cult monster film Hunting Grounds (Valley of the Sasquatch outside the US). I’ve presented at events both local and internationally, such as at Bellingham’s semiannual Game Audio Bash (which I co-founded and co-organize (…it is named after me, but I did not name it)) as well as at the international Ludomusicology Conference in Chichester, UK.

I studied music composition, electroacoustic sound art, and music theory at Western Washington University under Roger Briggs, Bruce Hamilton, and Lesley Sommer, graduating magna cum laude in March 2013 with a BMus degree in Composition and in June 2015 with MMus degree in Composition. I currently live with my middle-school-teaching, clarinet-playing wife and our cat in Bellingham, WA.


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