Code & Development

These are some projects on which I've done code and stuff. Expect this section to grow in the coming months/years!

Super Countdown Tracker

This was my first Build Week project at Lambda School. It’s a simple, lightweight app that does one thing very well—it tells you how much time is left until the events you give it. It also sorts and filters these events, archives them, and holds notes related to them. Some related features will continue to be added. Coming to the App Store in the not-too-distant future!

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Tech Used: (this website!)

I made this very website you’re now reading! This was a major redesign coming from Wordpress, which I’d opted to quit using because: a. I don’t like PHP; b. Wordpress was starting to feel like overkill for my needs; c. I wanted to improve my programming skills; d. I wanted to save money. I’m hosting it on, which is very inexpensive (especially for simple, static websites like this one).

Check out the source

Languages, frameworks, & technologies I use: