Code & Development

These are some projects on which I've done code and stuff. Expect this section to grow in the coming months/years!

Super Countdown Tracker iconSuper Countdown Tracker

Baby’s first iOS app! Super Countdown Tracker began life as a Lambda School build week project, and I liked it so much I decided to polish it up and put it on the app store. It’s a simple, lightweight app that does one thing very well—it tells you how much time is left until the events you feed it. It also features tags, notes, sorting, filtering, auto-archive, and a custom, automatic, adaptive light/dark theme. Find it on the iOS App Store!

Download on the iOS App Store. Check out the source

Tech Used: (this website!)

I made this very website you’re now reading! This was a major redesign coming from Wordpress, which I’d opted to quit using because: a. I don’t like PHP; b. Wordpress was starting to feel like overkill for my needs; c. I wanted to improve my programming skills; d. I wanted to save money. I’m hosting it on, which is very inexpensive (especially for simple, static websites like this one).

Check out the source


Snackify is a prototype app built for a service that allows companies to easily manage their staff launge snack table needs, as well as for employees to request new snacks for the table. Wilmari Rodriguez and I built this app over the course of a week at Lambda School as part of a cross-disciplinary team.

Check out the source

Tech Used:

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