Hunting Grounds / Valley of the Sasquatch (2016)

A fractured family battles a tribe of angry Sasquatch.

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Gothingham Trilogy (2013-14)

Batman and Spiderman are in Bellingham, WA and they may have bitten off a little less than they can chew…
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Materno Amore (2013)

A mother’s love goes awry.


(a Seattle 48-Hour Film Project)

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The Slender Man (2013)

A group of high school friends reunite on a camping trip full of fun, stories, marshmallows, and dismemberment.

Talk it Up TV: Two Ecuadorian Sisters Reunited (2012)

Talk it Up TV: Homeless to Home (2012)

Collision (2015)

[role: foley artist]
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Out of Nothing (2014)

A documentary following four tenacious men who risk everything to conquer the world records of motorcycle land speed racing.[role: score consultant, musician supervisor]
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Below is a portfolio of music for both games I have actively worked on, as well as other music I’ve made that I think would work well as part of a game’s score.

Submersive Intent (2015)

a mini-submarine exploration game by Tim Cooper

voted 1st place in Bacon Game Jam 9

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Mr. In-the-Moment (2015)

an endless runner made for Global Game Jam ’15 by David Perrot and Patrick Lerum

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Freefall (2014)

a (sadly unfinished) exploration/puzzle-based Gameboy-styled platformer made for Gameboy Jam ’14 by Piers Excell-Rehm and others
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Forerunner (2014)

a rhythm-based rail flyer by Piers Excell-Rehm
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Pandamensional (2014)

a multi-dimensional puzzle platformer made for Global Game Jam ’14 by Piers Excell-Rehm, Patch, and others
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Out of Time! (2013)

a(n unfinished, unreleased) future-retro sci-fi platformer/shooter by Garrett Vorhies and Pixelfist Games

Uncharted: Demake (2012)

a Gameboy-themed demake of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted by Milo Price
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