Games I’ve worked on and other game-y music I’ve made!

Submersive Intent

a mini-submarine exploration game by Tim Cooper


voted 1st place in Bacon Game Jam 9

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Mr. In-the-Moment

an endless runner made for Global Game Jam ’15 by David Perrot and Patrick Lerum

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a (sadly unfinished) exploration/puzzle-based Gameboy-styled platformer made for Gameboy Jam ’14 by Piers Excell-Rehm and others

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a rhythm-based rail flyer by Piers Excell-Rehm

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a multi-dimensional puzzle platformer made for Global Game Jam ’14 by Piers Excell-Rehm, Patch, and others

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Out of Time!

a(n unfinished, unreleased) future-retro sci-fi platformer/shooter by Garrett Vorhies and Pixelfist Games

Uncharted: Demake

a Gameboy-themed demake of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted by Milo Price

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Films I’ve worked on as a composer (unless otherwise specified)

Hunting Grounds (aka Valley of the Sasquatch)

A fractured family battles a tribe of angry Sasquatch.

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Office Batman

Follow the adventures of the dorky Frank as he tries to survive an onslaught of pranks from his coworkers throughout the day.
Milpool Films

Gothingham Trilogy

Batman and Spiderman are in Bellingham, WA and they may have bitten off a little less than they can chew…

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Materno Amore

A mother’s love goes awry.



(a Seattle 48-Hour Film Project)

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The Slender Man

A group of high school friends reunite on a camping trip full of fun, stories, marshmallows, and dismemberment.

Talk it Up TV: Two Ecuadorian Sisters Reunited

Talk it Up TV: Homeless to Home


[role: foley artist]
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Out of Nothing

A documentary following four tenacious men who risk everything to conquer the world records of motorcycle land speed racing.[role: score consultant, musician supervisor]

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