3 CONVERSATIONS for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and percussion

for  (2015) (8')

recording coming soon

Program Notes:

Conversation does not come easily to me. Sometimes I repeat myself (or have to ask others to do so), often without noticing. Sometimes I interrupt, fearing I’ll forget what I had to say before the other person has finished what they have to say. I’ll burst into a separate subject without context. Return to an earlier subject without warning or reason. End conversations short. Perhaps this piece, 3 Conversations, is some kind of sad, warped fun-house reflection of some of those conversational tendencies.

It’s an honor to be given the privilege to write for these enormously talented musicians, let alone be asked to write a piece for them. Thank you sincerely to Melanie Sehman and the Bellingham Chamber Music Society for approaching me and commissioning this work, and for the work they do in performing chamber works from classic and contemporary repertoires.