SONATINA FOR A DOUBLE-DATE for violin, oboe, percussion, and piano

(2016) (4'30")

Program Notes:

In 2015, Emily Pontén asked me to write a piece for her senior recital, leaving lots of the specifics up to me. Based on a couple of chance conversations and brainstorming, I decided to include her partner Silas and his instrument of choice (percussion), piano, and Myriaha Maxwell & her oboe. It just so happened that Myriaha’s partner, Ben Seavello, happened to be a pianist, so the pair of couples turned out to be a great fit for the piece, and the title (and some moments in the music) essentially wrote itself.

This is probably one of the more “traditionally” tonal concert works I’ve written in recent years. As the name implies, it is written in a loose, short sonata form. The exposition’s themes are lifted from a one-minute piano solo I wrote for Hayk Arsenyan and his 15 Minutes of Fame concert entitled “A Short, Lonely Dance.” The expansion of the music and its instrumentation has, I think, transformed it into something sweeter, less lonely, and more romantic.