VIA LACTEA for chamber orchestra

(2012) (14')
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Program Notes:

“Via lactea” was the original Latin term for our galaxy and the origin of the term “Milky Way.” Of course, when the galaxy was given this title it was unclear exactly what that band of light in the night sky was. This music touches upon many of my own feelings about the cosmos: quiet, personal, contemplative awe; wondrous, excited discovery; precise scientific calculations; the horror of our short-lived mortality; and my own hopeful (but often skeptical) belief in the triumph of the human spirit on this small speck of dust in the enormous, magnificent galaxy we call home.

Premiered by:

  • Kaitlyn O’Hara – flute, piccolo
  • Victoria Cooley – Bb clarinet, Eb clarinet
  • David Decker – alto saxophone
  • Amber Anderson – bassoon
  • Nick Wees – trumpet
  • Andrew Hacker – horn
  • Leah Stephens – trombone
  • Chris Kelley – tuba
  • Matt Pollock – piano, celeste
  • Kramer Elwell, Christian Casolary – percussion
  • Emily Pontén, Whitney Wynn – violins
  • Leif Mitchell – viola
  • Emma Burbank – cello
  • Kent Coburn – contrabass